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" And here is our next lady, Michelle the android. I really love Michelle and her child like curiosity so I tried to embody that in the picture. I also gave her a body that was young rather than making her too sexy. I mean, she's supposed to be a teenager. A kid. The debate on whether robots can be considered as human or not is one of the most famous debates in fiction. Me, I believe robots just can't be human. Their nature, their psychology and their needs are just too different. BUT that does not mean I do not consider robots as people or at least sentient. Klingons aren't human, elves aren't human, dragons aren't human and the list goes on. "Human" is not the default for normalcy or personhood. At least in my opinion which is why when I write about nonhumans, I embrace their inhumanity and present it as something beautiful As something that is natural for them ;)"

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